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"All Powerful God, 
We honor today those men and women—
Our sons and daughters,
Husbands and wives,
Fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers—
Who have laid down their life for their country.

Whether weary or emboldened, quiet or defiant,
Vulnerable or ready when You called them home,
Their sacrifice is too humbling for words
except these uttered in prayer.

Loving Lord, bless them forever in Your eternal peace.
Let the sounds of strife, the cries of battle, the wounds of war
be calmed for all eternity in Your loving and endless grace.
Let these great warriors find rest at last,
Ever reminded that we who are left behind
Cherish their spirit, honor their commitment,
send them our love,
and will never forget the service that they gave."








         Our Honor Guard takes great pride in providing Military Honors at gravesite services and other Veteran memorial services for our local veteran families.  Both  Flag and Rifle details are available.


Furthermore, Our Honor Guard annually conduct memorial services at 9 local cemeteries on Memorial Day in honor of all our departed Comrades.  This includes both flag & rifle squads, prayer, laying of wreaths, flag lowering/raising, rifle volley and playing of taps.

 Furthermore, they provide color guard at all Chewelah high school home football games.




October 4, 2014

John Blackburn

(US Army)



September 13, 2014

Harold Paramore

(US Navy -Vietman)




May 17, 2014

Fred K. Merrill

(US Navy - WWII)




April 16, 2014

Phillip P. Skok

* 66 year member of Post 54 *

( US Army Air Corp - WWII)



February 25, 2014

Gordon Martin

( US Army )



February 8, 2014

Jon Manton

( US Army Air Corp / Army )



November 2, 2013

Robert Jones

( US Navy )



 November 3, 2012

Hugh Osborne

( US Army )



 September 2, 2012

Bill Hartill

( US Navy )




May 25, 2012

 Carl Walden